As Ashley Broad of Hardcore Pawn on truTV (a Time Warner company) says, “If I can do it here, you can do it!”

She’s referring to surviving and thriving in a traditionally male-oriented business, and she should know. As the daughter of Les Gold, owner of Detroit Michigan’s 50,000 square foot American Jewelry & Loan business, Ashley grew up in what she refers to as “controlled chaos.” If you’ve ever watched an episode of Hardcore Pawn, you know what Ashley means when she refers to controlled chaos, because the pawn store business is never the same, sometimes dangerous, and always surprising.

Ashley faces not just the male/female stigma that exists in the pawn industry, but she also has to handle the volatile and less-sensitive personalities of her father, Les and her brother, Seth, who works at Les Gold’s pawn store, too. However, Ashley believes that as a female, she brings added value to the business.

Picture of Ashley of Hard Core Pawn